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“Nancy Owen Nelson writes with sensitivity and wit about the ways in which the family she grew up in was both burdened and enriched by life ‘on the move.'”

Judith Hillman Paterson, author of Sweet Mystery: A Memoir of Remembering (Farrar-Strauss Giroux, 1997, University of Alabama Press, 2001)

“Nancy has the unique ability to synthesize her intellectual, academic bent with a creative but honest assessment of her life.”

– Kate Robinson, Starstone Lit. Services

“One highly respected agent once told me that the words ‘literary criticism’ were the death knell for creative writing. I begged to differ then, and I beg to differ today. It was my reading, analysis, and teaching of creative literature which led me to my own expression of life issues in memoir.”

– Nancy Owen Nelson

Cover of "Searching for Nannie B"

Searching for Nannie B. : Connecting Three Generations of Southern Women

“more than a story about the search for the author’s grandmother in its invocation of a rich ancestry. . . . Personal but never simply self-referential, clear, purposeful, engaging.”  

Bruce Weigl, author of The Abundance of Nothing, finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry, 2013.

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