Winter returns.

Well, for those writing, winter can be both a boon and a bust.  If you have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), there’s always the possibility of not being able to create.  On the other hand, Winter can bring reflection as we look out of our windows from the computer and watch the snow fall.

Would love to hear from writers who have a specific response to Winter.

3 thoughts on “Winter returns.”

  1. I have not been writing this winter. But I have been feeling very moved with life. I understand how important periods of rest are both as a living being and with my writing. And I know when the season to write more comes, I’ll be moved to write. Thanks for posting this topic.

    1. And thank you for your post. I’m looking out at another grey winter day but thinking of the truth of what you said–that sometimes when we don’t write, we’re really “writing” in another way. A friend, a spiritual teacher, once asked me, “Are you meditating?” Then he answered his own question, “Oh yes, you’re writing.”

  2. Though it’s summery in California now, body and mind tell me to hibernate. Winter doesn’t necessarily keep me from writing some years, but this year I feel as if all the sunny days in the world won’t lure me to the page. My mind feels as blank as if I were in the coldest, bleakest place in the world. Sounds like depression, but it could be just a need to rest, which I figure what the season is for. No need to rush spring, I think my body is telling me!

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